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Heating systems for laminated Glass

PVB and EVA mats with applied heating wires for heatable laminated glass: HOTLINEGLASS is used in vehicle glass to melt ice at the windshield or backlite, to head up the wiper parking position and to remove mist on the inner side of the glass.

The windshield heating system works effectively and without uncomfortable air flow. The tungsten wire based glass heating system may be integrated in every laminated glass.

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Our services for you:

Our services include the design of glass heating systems, the production of heating fields for heating glass in all kinds of complex geometries and the production of car antennas in glass.


We apply wires to many different types of thermoplastic foils for laminated glass, for example Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVAC / EVA). Mainly we process tungsten or copper wires for heating fields and antenna functions.

Construction glass

Another application of heated windows is in the field of sophisticated buildings: In buildings, the heated HOTLINE GLASS provide windows for always clear view.

Also dangerous snow loads on glass roof constructions belong to the past. The HOTLINE GLASS glass roof lets snow melt off immediately.

Clear windows & clear view:
The technology:

The tungsten wires, busbars and connectors forming the heating field are applied to the PVB or EVA foil prior to the bonding process of the glass-foil sandwich.
The heating wires can be applied in straight or curved paths and with or without small sinusoidal waves (wiggle wires) to the PVB or EVA.

With these heating fields specific heating powers of 4-6 W/dm² are feasible with battery voltage of only 12 volts.
With a diameter of 14-20 microns, the wires are almost invisible. The heated laminated glass retains a light transmission of over 95%.

Antenna wires in laminated glass

Antenna wires in the windshield replace more and more conventional car antennas. Similar to the glass heating systems, antenna wires are applied to the PVB or EVA foil prior to glass bonding process.

In addition, we might also cut the film in any shape for you. Of course, with cutting machines Hamacher.

The close cooperation between Hamacher and HOTLINE GLASS leads to the expertise with which we are able to support our customers.
Our high-quality machinery and our flexible production processes enable us to respond to customer needs and requests flexible and quickly.

Thus, we can implement product development for our customers in test phases as well as mass production for agreed periods in an effective and professional way.

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