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We implement your wishes: With our expertise, we provide the construction and development. Thanks to our experience, we produce even the most sophisticated equipment including mechanical and electrical systems.

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Wire laying machines PSW and PST

Wire laying machines for production of wired PVB used in heated laminated glass e.g. car windshields. We offer two types of machines:

The drum type PSW machine for mass production of rectangular or trapezoid heating fields

Trommelmaschine PSW mit 2 Köpfen
Trommelmaschine PSW mit 8 Köpfen

and the table PST machine for flexible production based on free contour CNC programming for small to medium series.

Tischmaschine PST

The wires can be applied with all machines in straigth or with small sinus form (wiggle wires).

Busbar machines and modules

Busbar machines or modules are used to apply busbars on films in combination with our wire laying machines.

Special machines

with own or external expertise and technologies for special applications – usually with non-disclosure and exclusiveness agreement.


We develop centrifuges for outgassing, deblistering, defoaming or dehumidifying all fluid materials

  • different sizes and types
  • for continous or sequential use

We have references for different materials.

Grout removal machines

Grout removal machines with precisely steerable guide carriage:

  • An automatic milling of masonry joints without stone damage, especially during renovations (Pat. pend.)
  • German Construction Innovation Award 1992
  • As a end mill, manual, ergonomically special version, with pneumatic motor (pat. pend.)
  • As a side milling cutter, manual, special ergonomic design, with pneumatic motor (pat. pend.)

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Since 2005, we build and sell successfully our wire laying machines for heatable laminate glass. In almost every EU country is now at least one of our wire laying machines in use.

Leading car manufacturers such as Ford, Volkswagen and Land Rover are equipping their models in high volumes with heating systems produced with our machines.

Timing belt moulds

Timing belt moulds, toothed rollers and fluted rollers, profile ground with free-form profiling; in with our technology user-definable tooth geometries can be realized accurately and quickly.

Manufacturing of timing belts of all kinds

  • For rolling of profiles
  • For profiling of thin sheet goods
  • For molding of internal profiles

Work pieces:

  • Mould diameters:  Ø35mm – Ø1600mm
  • Profile length: Up to 1200mm
  • Profilegeometire: as desired, without special tools and their delivery times
  • Material: Usually ST52-3 steel stress relieved or aluminum
  • Surface treatment: Hard chrome or nickel

Manufacturing tolerances:

  • Mould diameter: +/- 0,01mm per meter length
  • Tooth profile deviation: +/- 0,01mm per meter length
  • Pitch accuracy: +/- 1,0 Arcsecond not adding up
  • Surface roughness 3-5μm in profile longitudinal direction
  • Documentation: Profile Projector Control + Measurement and Quality Report

Of course all offers, requests, data and projects are teated as strictly confidential.